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Sterling tape may have been made during couples counseling

The Sterling scandal . . .

Sneed hears rumbles the incendiary racist tape that has clipped the wings of high-flying Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling may have been recorded as some sort of a couples counseling session last September!

“The tape was made last September with full knowledge of Mr. Sterling and was made in the presence of two others, including my client,” said L.A. attorney Mac Nehoray, who is representing Sterling’s ex-mistress, who calls herself V. Stiviano.

◆ Translation: “A third party was present when the tape was made at Stiviano’s home and it was made by mutual consent and agreement,” said Nehoray, who refused to say who that person was and why it was made.

Nehoray claims the tape was one hour in length, although only 15 minutes of the tape was leaked to the news media.

“But it was made in full knowledge of everyone present — and my client did not release the tape,” Nehoray told Sneed.

Nehoray refused to discuss the circumstances involving the tape: “She is very upset about it and did not intend to hurt anybody,” he said. “She feels the tape was released for money.”

Nehoray also told Sneed: “My client has been bombarded with about 1,200 calls to be interviewed and declined all money being offered her for interviews and appearances since the tape was released.

“She doesn’t want to make this about money, she never intended to hurt” Sterling, he added.