Geithner: Rahm let me know I was an idiot

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Not only does Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s new memoir, “Stress Test,” offer some insight into his relationship with Sen. Mark Kirk, but we also get some entertaining bits concerning Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was President Barack Obama’s chief of staff at the time.

First, he confirms what we already know:

Geithner said Emanuel “needed his mouth washed out with soap even more than I did.”

There was the time that Emanuel called him with a “great f—— idea.” Geithner told him it was “a terrible f—— idea.”

What happened next?

Rahm let me know I was an idiot.

Geither does say that Emanuel’s energy “and drive had set the rhythm of our first two years” of Obama’s administration.

And what did Emanuel say about Geithner?

He said Geithner should expect for his “official treasury portrait to be done in crayon.”

h/t: Chicago Magazine

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