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Rahm refuses to second-guess himself

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s popularity may be sagging, but he’s not about to second-guess the decisions he’s made at City Hall, based on an interview with Crain’s Chicago Business.

Emanuel, who was described as subdued, as well as “cool, deliberative and above all on-message” said he’s done the things his predecessors have avoided — that is, making tough decisions.

Here are some of the highlights:

On making those tough decisions:

“I was not nostalgic that this (job) was going to be a walk. I didn’t say change would be easy. I said the change would be worth the struggle.”


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On not always having it his way:

“There are times I need to pull back and listen. I understand that.”

But he makes no apolgies for standing his ground:

“When it comes to being persistent, taking on the gun lobby as I’ve done or the tobacco companies, I make no bones. There are times not to be weak-kneed.”

On a potential Toni Preckwinkle mayoral bid:

“My job is to do my job. I know what she said to me and I think she’s a person of her word. But I’m going to keep my eye on the ball here.”

And back to those tough decisions again:

“It would be a mistake to go back to the old politics, which almost bankrupted us. Special interests won. But taxpayers were left holding the bag,” Emanuel said. “It’s never as good as it seems. And it’s never as bad as it seems. You just keep at it.”

Via Crain’s Chicago Business