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The Must List for Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts is new leader of lesbian PAC

Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts is the new chair of LPAC, the only lesbian-backed political action committee in the U.S., stepping up to a more visible and active political role as marriage equality and other gay rights battles are increasingly being fought across the nation.

Emanuel shrugs off dismal results of Early & Often poll

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he ran for mayor on a promise to confront vexing problems “swept under the rug” and he’s not about to “blow with the wind.”

Do Preckwinkle and Rahm get along? Silence is deafening

In this “My Chicago” video, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle talks about a recent meeting she’s had with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Preckwinkle, of course, is often held up as Emanuel’s biggest reelection threat, should she decide to make a run against him.

Ex-City Hall boss took bribes in red-light program: feds

A former City Hall official who once proudly wore White Sox pinstripes could find himself in prison orange if the feds are able to prove charges that he took bribes from the firm that installed Chicago’s red-light cameras.

Cullerton advances bid to donate — not sell — Obama Senate seat

Leftover office furniture and other state-owned belongings linked to President Barack Obama when he was an Illinois state senator could be donated to Obama’s presidential library under legislation that advanced Wednesday in the state Senate.


Conservatives prod GOP on immigration (The Hill)

Donald Sterling lashes out at Obama, says he has ‘bad judgment’ (Early & Often)

New Emails: Democratic Senator Pressured IRS To Target Groups (The Daily Caller)

Lawmakers advance plan to ease penalties for repeat DUI offenders (Early & Often)

Michelle Obama’s hashtag gamble (Politico)

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