The Must List for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Lakefront campus recommended for George Lucas interactive museum

Chicago’s lakefront museum campus is the recommended spot to house a project with blockbuster box office potential: an interactive museum spearheaded by movie mogul George Lucas to house his formidable collection of artwork and film-making memorabilia.

Emanuel asks local leaders for plan to raise minimum wage

Tired of waiting for the state and federal governments to act, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday asked seventeen business, labor, civic and political leaders to confront the issue head-on and draft a Chicago-only plan within 45 days.

Senate Democrats look to revive dormant Equal Rights Amendment

Senate Democrats positioned themselves to “rectify an historical wrong” this week by reviving the long-dormant push to ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but Republicans dismissed the push as a politically motivated drive to increase Democratic turnout in the fall elections.

Smith seeks trial delay in move that may aid speaker in tax vote

With votes tight for keeping a 2011 tax increase in place, the attorney representing indicted state Rep. Derrick Smith has asked a federal judge to delay the start of his May 28th corruption trial by three days.

Quinn, Madigan still short of votes to extend income tax hike

Gov. Pat Quinn spent more than two-and-a-half hours inside the belly of the political beast Monday, but he left the lengthy, closed-door meeting with House Democrats still far short of the votes necessary to permanently extend the 2011 income tax hike.


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The Latest
For the first time since the pandemic began, data from Kastle security systems show that 50% of staff are checking in at Chicago offices, but work-from-home is still popular.
Even if Mayor Lori Lightfoot is reelected and allows CPD Supt. David Brown to keep his job, he could be forced out anyway. In October, Brown turns 63, the mandatory retirement age for Chicago’s police officers and firefighters.
When she was first charged in summer 2019, Jessica Nesbitt’s attorneys insisted she ran a legal business and paid her taxes. But Wednesday, she admitted arranging for prostitution appointments and charging rates of $300 to $1,000 per hour “depending upon the services.”
Could the Hawks trade Lafferty for a package comparable to what the Canadiens gave up in 2020 for Josh Anderson? It’s unlikely, but possible.
The Bears star finished his career with an NFL-record 20 touchdown returns — 14 punts, five kicks and a ridiculous runback of a field goal left short.