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Ex-Burnham village clerk pleads guilty to stealing cash

A south suburban elected official has admitted she stole more than $650,000 from taxpayers and spent some of it at casinos.

Former Burnham Village Clerk Nancy Dobrowski — who served from 1980 until 2013 — acknowledged she stole the cash over a decade, under to a plea deal agreed Thursday.

As part of the fraud, Dobrowski, 70, took cash from both the village cash register and village towing fees. She understated how much money that the village had collected and used the money at casinos in Indiana.

She resigned in June last year when the FBI raided the village hall in the sleepy town of 4,500. Prosecutors indicated earlier this month when the charges were announced that she planned to plead guilty.

She faces up to 23 years behind bars and a large fine when she is sentenced in September, though federal sentencing guidelines suggest a range of three to four years is more appropriate.