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A funny thing about Rahm and those bike lanes

A funny thing popped up in the recent, dismal Rahm Emanuel public approval poll.

An unexpected voter complaint emerged.

That complaint?

Bike lanes.


Me too.

Mike McKeon and Associates poll for Early & Often, the Sun-Times’ political portal, was published two weeks ago. It said if the election were held now, Emanuel would get just 29 percent of the vote against potential contenders like County Board President Toni Preckwinkle (26 percent), Chicago Teachers Union head Karen Lewis (10 percent), Alderman Bob Fioretti (5 percent) and former alderman Robert Shaw (3 percent).

Undecided was 27 percent.

In other words, Emanuel, Undecided, and Preckwinkle were neck and neck.

So where do bike lanes come into this discussion?