Is Timothy Evans seeking distance from probation department mess?

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The shock expressed by Cook County Circuit Court Chief Judge Timothy Evans over allegations last week of an improper relationship between the feds, cops and his probation department has got Sneed scratching her head.

“I am outraged by these allegations,” opined Evans via a press release, following reports in the Chicago Tribune that high-ranking officials in the Circuit Court Adult Probation Department improperly cooperated in searches of probationers’ homes with the feds and the cops.

Evans was so outraged by the allegations, he appointed a law firm to investigate.

Is Evans trying to distance himself from the mess in the probation department by claiming ignorance of what was going on or was it a lack of effective leadership ?

The FBI did not respond to a request for comment. Evans’ office declined to comment.

Evans seemed to have no difficulty a year ago accepting an award from the FBI commending the court’s adult probation department!

“The Cook County Adult Probation Department has been so instrumental in enhancing our investigative and intelligence efforts,” the FBI stated during a special recognition ceremony last year praising the probation department’s collaborative work with the FBI. 

“We look forward to continuing this relationship in the future,” the FBI noted.


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