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The Must List for Thursday, May 29, 2014

San Francisco gains edge in battle for Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ museum

In the fight to land George Lucas’ Star Wars Museum, San Francisco’s latest offer of prime waterfront property — which counters a lakefront offer in Chicago — may have tipped the balance towards the West Coast, a highly placed source said.

Quinn on tax question: Exasperating? Yes. Deceptive? No.

For three years, Gov. Pat Quinn dodged, sidestepped and generally avoided saying what he would do when the “temporary” state income tax increase he signed into law in 2011 expired in 2015.

Cubs new Wrigley plan hits a brick wall — with Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared that his handpicked Commission on Chicago Landmarks would not consider the revised plan to build seven outfield signs, including a second video scoreboard, 300 new seats and new outfield light standards because there were elements of it that no one at City Hall had ever seen before that would impact landmarked elements of the century-old stadium.

Emanuel denies videotaping is attempt to intimidate gun buyers

Mayor Rahm Emanuel insisted Wednesday that he’s trying to prevent “straw purchases” — not intimidate licensed gun owners — by requiring the owners of Chicago gun stores to videotape every weapons sale.

Panel comes out swinging on audit of Quinn anti-violence program

Republicans vowed Wednesday to keep pressing ahead on a legislative probe into Gov. Pat Quinn’s failed 2010 Neighborhood Recovery Initiative after gaining little clarity from an administration official about how the governor’s $54.5 million anti-violence program unraveled.


Paul Ryan talks about his Anthony Weiner identity crisis (Early & Often)

Obama, McCain fight like it’s 2008 (Politico)

Hatch: If SCOTUS Rules Against Hobby Lobby I’ll Push To Amend Constitution (Talking Points Memo)

Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Give Themselves Exemption to Gun Bans (Mediaite)

Report: Obamacare Benefits Healthier College Grads Most (The Daily Caller)

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