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House Dem political shop reserves $4.3 m. in Illinois TV ad time

WASHINGTON–The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is reserving $4.29 million in television time in the three biggest Illinois House races, including the 10th district rematch between Rep. Brad Schneider D-Ill. and former Rep. Bob Dold R-Ill.

Here is what is in the Illinois pipeline from the DCCC:

*Illinois 10: Between 10/21 – 10/27, $800,000 for Chicago broadcast and cable.

*Illinois 12 where Rep. Bill Enyart D-Ill. faces a challenge from state Rep. Michael Bost R-Murphysboro. Between 9/12 – 9/29: $940,000 for St. Louis broadcast and between 10/21 – 11/4: $940K for St. Louis broadcast.

*Illinois 13, where the Democratic nominee, Ann Callis, a former judge is running against Rep. Rodney Davis R-Ill. Between 10/21 – 11/4: $940,000 for St. Louis broadcast and between 9/30 – 10/20: $670,000 for Champaign/Urbana broadcast and cable.

What is telling is that the DCCC is not reserving early time in the 17th congressional district, where Rep. Cheri Bustos D-Ill. in good shape at this stage in her rematch with former Rep. Bobby Schilling R-Ill.

Just because the time is reserved months before November does not mean the DCCC will end up buying all of it. “By putting down an early marker, the DCCC locks in the best ad rates and placement for the ads,” a DCCC source passed along. “…As always these reservations can and will continue to change as the cycle develops. The early reservations don’t encompass the entire spending of the DCCC IE, and in the past the committee has added additional waves of ad spending.

“… The early reservation will save the DCCC between 25 and 35 percent – continuing to leverage the DCCC’s cash advantage with efficient spending, according to an analysis of previous buys from the DCCC and media buyers.”