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Is Louis Farrakhan seriously ill?

Is Minister Louis Farrakhan, 81, who heads the Chicago-based Nation of Islam religious sect, seriously ill?

The state of Farrakhan’s health drew attention April 19 at a conference at Chicago State University after he announced his own personal health report.

“My family didn’t want me to come out today because I just came out of the hospital,” he told the audience, according to a video recording of his comments.

“It’s not known, but I was in a weakened condition, but there was something about today. . . .”

Although he did not disclose why he had been hospitalized — or whether he has been stricken with a serious illness — he left an audience wondering whether he was suffering from a possible recurrence of prostate cancer.

Farrakhan underwent surgery for the illness at Howard University in 1999. Health problems stemming from cancer forced Farrakhan to hand control of the Nation to an executive committee in 2006.