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Dillard wants RTA post but Rauner may knock his effort off track

State Sen. Kirk Dillard, two-time runner-up for the Republican nomination for governor, has been openly campaigning to be the next chairman of the Regional Transportation Authority.

The problem for Dillard is that the guy who just beat him, Bruce Rauner, would apparently prefer somebody else for the job, maybe anybody else.

Rauner isn’t being quite so overt as Dillard about publicly stating his desires, but everyone else involved in the selection battle says the GOP nominee is working behind the scenes to thwart his former foe’s ambition.

Everyone, that is, except Dillard, who says he’s not sure if it’s Rauner personally or Rauner’s staff trying to undercut him, which I suppose is his way of hoping this can still be resolved to both their satisfaction.

“I’m not sure it’s me. It may just be the job,” Dillard told me Monday.

He said he’s been trying to get a meeting with Rauner to clarify where he stands. He’s been trying for a while.