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Map: See what your community is calling 311 about

265,088. That’s how many requests Chicagoans made to 311 in the first five months of this year. Where are you most likely to come face-to-face with vermin? Who talks the most (about) trash? Whose lights are out the most, and who complains the most about potholes? We analyzed all 265,088 requests to settle these important questions once and for all.

See what your community is calling about in our interactive map below. But first, the “winners.”

Loud and proud: We assume all Archer Heights homes have a direct line to 311. With 2,831 service requests, residents of this mostly middle-class neighborhood made the most per capita requests to 311 of any Chicago community. You say high maintenance. We say civically engaged.

(Pot)hole in one: With the winter we had, it’s no surprise Chicagoans lodged more complaints about potholes than anything else. With more than 800 requests per 1,000 residents, South Side community Burnside crushed the competition for the dubious distinction of the highest pothole-to-person ratio of any Chicago community.

Tag along: Too bad City Hall cut graffiti blasting from the budget. Chicagoans contacted the city 62,261 times to complain about tagging—second only to potholes—with Archer Heights boasting the highest rate of complaints.

Rat race: Be on the lookout for vermin next time you’re in North Center—bounded by Addison on the south, Montrose on the north, the Chicago River on the west and Ravenswood on the east. Residents here made more 311 requests about these critters than any other Chicago community per capita.

Trash talker: Watch where you step in Lincoln Park. Residents of this affluent North Side neighborhood rang 311 more than 500 times—more per capita requests than any other neighborhood—to complain about trash on their lawns and sidewalks.

Lights out: With over 400 requests per 10,000 residents, Calumet Heights takes the prize for the most 311 complaints about street and alley lights out. Don’t forget your flashlight next time you travel to this South Side community.

Tree hugger: Call in the arbor guards to West Pullman, where residents made more per capita requests to 311 about tree debris and tree trims than any other Chicago community.

Abandon home, all ye who enter here: The city recorded 290 complaints about abandoned buildings blighting West Englewood. Nearby, West Elsdon residents reported 174 abandoned vehicles to the city. These communities have the highest request rates for abandoned buildings and vehicles respectively in Chicago.

See what your community is contacting 311 about in this interactive map. Communities are shaded by their request rates: communities with the lightest shades made the fewest 311 per capita requests; those with the darkest shades made the most per capita requests.

Get the data used in this analysis.