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Rep. Rush aiming to curb gun violence after teacher killed

WASHINGTON — Rep. Bobby Rush D-Ill., is hosting a meeting 9 a.m. Wednesday to search for gun violence solutions in the wake of the murder of teacher Betty Howard, killed by a stray bullet while in her office. Rush wants to address the “urgent issue of gun violence in Chicago’s Police Beat 624, the most violent beat in the city,” his office said in a statement.

The meeting will be at Rush’s Chicago office, 700 E. 79th St., in Beat 624, a block from where Howard was killed.

From Rush’s office: “Rush will be joined by business and media executives, law enforcement, clergy, city government and community leaders and other elected officials. It is his expressed desire to turn Beat 624 around from the most violent to one of the safest beats in Chicago. This Beat, (bordered by 75th Street – North, 80th Street – South, King Drive – West, and Metra railroad tracks – East) includes the communities of Chatham, and parts of Grand Crossing and Avalon Park.”