Hey Karen Lewis, I can still read your Tweets

SHARE Hey Karen Lewis, I can still read your Tweets

This might come as a shock to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis. But I can read her Tweets.

I say this because for some reason months ago, Lewis blocked me as a follower after I tried sending her a direct message to follow up on a story.

I remain blocked today. Though I should point out, she has answered the phone when I call — even when she was in Hawaii.

(Update: After this post went up, Lewis reached out to say she didn’t know how that happened. I tried again today and while I was blocked this afternoon, by evening, I wasno longer a “blocked follower.”)

I heard through the grapevine that Lewis blocked me because she didn’t want me to write about what she was Tweeting about.

I suspect by now she’s learned that’s not how Twitter works. On Wednesday, Lewis showed her social media savvy quickly evolved as she turned to Twitter to ask for campaign donations for her mayoral exploratory committee.

“Help me make a decision,” she Tweeted Wednesday.

The Tweet links up to a page asking for donations as small as $10.

“We need a mayor for all of us. Progressive Democrat Karen Lewis is considering a campaign against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” the writing says. “Join the “People’s Movement” for inclusion, equity, racial justice and participatory democracy and contribute today to help us reverse the bad policies of Mayor 1%.”

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