The ballot box of a polling place on election day April 7, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images)

Latest April runoff results, race by race

SHARE Latest April runoff results, race by race
SHARE Latest April runoff results, race by race


Mayor Rahm Emanuel: 56%

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia: 44%

98.7% of precincts reporting

2nd WARD

Brian Hopkins: 56%

Alyx S. Pattison: 44%

100% of precincts reporting


Gregory Mitchell: 57%

Natashia Holmes: 43%

100% of precincts reporting


John A. Pope 49.97%

Susan Sadlowski Garza 50.03%

97.22% of precincts reporting

11th WARD

Patrick Daley Thompson: 58%

John K. Kozlar: 42%

100% of precincts reporting

15th WARD

Raymond Lopez: 58%

Rafael Yanez: 42%

100% of precincts reporting

16th WARD

Ald. Toni Foulkes: 51%

Stephanie Coleman: 49%

97% of precincts reporting


Lona Lane 32%

Derrick Curtis 68%

100% of precincts reporting

20th WARD

Willie Cochran: 56%

Kevin Bailey: 44%

97% of precincts reporting


Marvin McNeil 49%

Howard Brookins 51%

100% of precincts reporting

24th WARD

Michael Scott Jr.: 67%

Vetress Boyce: 32%

100% of precincts reporting


Chris Taliaferro: 52%

Ald. Deborah Graham: 48%

95% of precincts reporting:

31st Ward:

Milagros “Milly” Santiago: 50.8%

Ald. Ray Suarez: 49.2%

100% of precincts reporting


Omar Aquino 44 %

Gilbert Villegas 56%

96.67% of precincts reporting

37th WARD

Ald. Emma Mitts: 53%

Tara Stamps: 47%

100% of precincts reporting


Mary O’Connor 48%

Anthony Napolitano 52%

100% of precincts reporting

43rd Ward

Ald. Michele Smith: 50.38%

Caroline Vickrey: 49.62%

96% of precincts reporting


John Garrido 46%

John S. Arena 54%

100% of precincts reporting

46th Ward

Ald. James Cappleman: 54%

Amy Crawford: 46%

97.5 percent of precincts reporting

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