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Sneed exclusive: Rauner plans to transfer Chicago office to Bilandic Building

Gov. Bruce Rauner is planning to move his Chicago office from the James R. Thompson Center to the Michael A. Bilandic Building. | Seth Perlman/AP

High alert!

Sneed hears rumbles that Gov. Bruce Rauner is planning to transfer his Chicago office, which is housed in the James R. Thompson Center to the 10th floor of the Michael A. Bilandic Building across the street.

It’s no secret Rauner thinks the Thompson Center is a money pit housing state offices, which he’d like to move out of there.

Sneed is told Rauner’s minions have spent a lot of time scurrying around the Bilandic Building’s 10th floor since the governor’s massively expensive tented vacation en famille on Morroco’s Saharan sands.

The 21-story building, formerly known as the State of Illinois building, is at 160 N. La Salle St. and was built in 1920. It’s named after former Mayor of Chicago Michael Anthony Bilandic.

In October, Rauner announced he would put the Thompson Center, which houses about 2,200 state employees and 280 nongovernment workers, on the auction block within a year.

He called the massive steel and glass structure that features a cylindrical atrium “ineffective” and “noisy.”

Selling the building would likely mean demolition for the controversial 1.2 million-square-foot structure, which was completed in 1985 at a hefty $172 million and named after former Gov. James R. Thompson.

Contributing: Tina Sfondeles