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Random thoughts on Donald Trump, Amazon wildfires, Popeye’s vs. Chick-fil-A and more

Random musings on Trump as the “chosen one,” the burning Amazon rainforest, which chicken sandwich is better and more.

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.
Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Random thoughts: If Donald Trump is the “Chosen One,” as he proudly proclaimed while peering up to the heavens from the White House lawn, then my name is Orville Redenbacher and fat meat ain’t greasy.

And, Dear Morpheus, if Trump is “The One,” the end of days is a helluva lot closer than any prophetic Evangelicals might even think.

Random thoughts…

Are we there yet — on the road to impeachment? To at last removing from office this narcissistic, well-documented incessant liar who hurls infantile insults while splitting this country with hateful rhetoric by tweet or “chopper talk” above the whirring Marine One?

I couldn’t care less whether the president is black or white. So long as his mind is right. MASA — Make America Sane Again!

Just random thoughts… There is a big difference between taking a knee and bending the knee. I’d rather kneel for justice than sit at the head table with the devil.

Colin Kaepernick shook the tree, Jay-Z apparently got the check, but ain’t a damn thing changed for black folk in America yet. Facts.

Random thoughts… The “lungs of our planet” — the Amazon rainforest — is on fire; the U.S. has tested a ground-launched cruise missile and Putin has called for a “symmetrical response;” the trade war with China has ratcheted up; Hispanic children lie in human waste beneath aluminum foil blankets at our southern border; and Flint, Michigan, Newark, New Jersey and University Park, Illinois have lead-poisoned water…

In my Marvin Gaye voice, “What’s going on?” Just random thoughts…

The recent shooting death of a 14-year-old Chicago boy by a senior citizen in Lake County during an alleged attempted car theft was nothing short of tragic. But may I ask: What’s a 75-year-old-man —-black or white — awakened from his slumber by a group of trespassers — black or white — in the dead of night, supposed to do if fearing for his life? Invite them to join hands and sing Kumbaya?

What ever happened to training up a child in the way that he should go, to teaching children to respect others, and about the potential unknown consequences of one’s actions?

Random thoughts... Why do motorists be all up on the back of my motorcycle like I have bumpers? What’s up with the return of those faux eyelashes that look like giant batting tarantulas? Does growing old ever get any easier? Random thoughts.

Your going to church doesn’t qualify you for heaven. And my not going doesn’t consign me to hell. In my Pentecostal preacher’s voice: “Some of y’all good church folks gon’ bust hell wide open!”

Can we all just get along?

What is the color of American blood?

Do Republicans even have the cojones to finally stand up to Donald Trump?

Random thoughts… Ja Morant will be NBA rookie of the year (Bet!). My Direct TV is like fickle friends: As soon as it rains, it flakes out on me.

Which chicken sandwich is better — Popeye’s or Chick-fil-A? After my last trip to Chick-fil-A (two years ago in Hampton, Virginia), I still can’t get past the taste of racial hate. Think I’ll try Popeye’s. Just random thoughts.

So I hear we have “moved past kneeling.”

Not. Not so long as black men are shot or choked to death by racist cops who also brutalize black women. Not so long as we face the daily trauma of living while black in America, the assaults against the black body, psyche and soul at every turn… Random thoughts.

Does anyone else find it hard to sleep at night knowing that the same president with impulsive Twitter fingers also has his finger on the nuclear trigger?

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