Joke’s not on Sara Feigenholtz this time as she replaces John Cullerton in Senate

Brought into the political arena by Cullerton, Feigenholtz frequently has been on the receiving end of his wicked sense of humor

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John Cullerton with Sara Feigenholtz in 1994 when she was running for state representative.

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Yo, Ha, Ho! 

Retired State Senator/Senate President John Cullerton’s personal choice of State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz as his replacement has been described as an extraordinary landing at the perfect airport.

In a Facebook post that reads like fan mail akin to a love letter, Feigenholtz blows air kisses to “my mentor, former boss, the person who first encouraged me to run for public office.” 

Appointed on Tuesday by Dem party committeepeople to fill Cullerton’s North Side seat in the 6th Senate District, Feigenholtz was hired as a Cullerton administrative assistant 38 years ago. 

Although she describes her former boss as “compassionate and cool headed,” she also claims “he has a WICKED sense of humor.”

“I loved being the brunt of his jokes when he was onstage,” Feigenholtz tells Sneed. 

“It was such fun. But I’ll never forget one night years ago when I was visiting John and his family at their house and he took a photo of me while Pam was fixing dinner — claiming he was going to enter it in an “Administrative Aide of the Year Contest.”

“Imagine my shock when I opened up the mail three weeks later from the Midwest Truckers Association congratulating me for being a finalist in their Midwest Truckers Queen contest! It was also accompanied by my picture on the side of a truck!”

Added Feigenholtz: “I now look forward to a return to more merriment cooked up by John’s next fun joke or delightful prank.” 

Bridget bar the door.

The Lightfoot hot foot . . . 

No humility here: Sneed’s Most Arrogant Comment of the Week Award goes to Mayor Lori Lightfoot for publicly slamming Dem presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden for not calling her to seek a presidential endorsement. 

Consider: In an interview this week, Lightfoot told Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet that she is “apparently not progressive enough for them.”

Good grief, Lori. 

Reign it in. 


Sneed hears 12,328 people have paid $453.5 million in property taxes for the first installment of their Cook County property tax bill not due until March 3. 

“It’s pretty moving,” said Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, who noted people have financial pressures of all kinds and still pay their tax bill early. 

Caution: The second installment due in August will reflect increases in assessment and tax rates. 


Sneedlings . . . 

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