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Sun-Times columnists immortalized with drawings by Mort Drucker

The passing of the legendary Mad Magazine illustrator reminds Michael Sneed of the drawings, which she then dug out of her basement closet.

Mad Magazine illustrator Mort Drucker, who died this past week, also drew caricatures of Sun-Times columnists in the 1990s.

Drawn by Drucker?

Who knew?

Word Mad Magazine’s legendary Illustrator Mort Drucker died last week at the age of 91 was a missed blip on Sneed’s radar screen.

That is until my Chicago Sun-Times colleague Miriam Di Nunzio inquired if I still had the caricature he had drawn of me in the 1990s — along with fellow columnists Rick Telander, Bill Zwecker, Richard Roeper, and Jay Mariotti as well as the late, legendary Roger Ebert, Irv Kupcinet and Jeff (Dear Ann) Zaslow.

That was a drawing by the legendary Drucker?

Sneed to the rescue.

Found it!

Once individually plastered on delivery trucks during the golden age of newspapers, the cartoons — apparently lost during a Sun-Times office relocation — were in my basement closet.

In Drucker’s obit, it was noted actor Michael J. Fox told legendary late-night TV host Johnny Carson he knew he had made it when he appeared in a Drucker cartoon.

Well, Rick, Bill, Richard, Roger, Irv, Jeff and Jay ... I guess we made it … if only for a moment in time that ended up in a basement box.

(Yikes! Now told foxy Zwecker bought his Drucker original for $600! Smart move, Billy boy!)