Royal reckoning following Oprah interview may be far from over

Prince Harry and Meghan’s tales of racism have British alarmed and atwitter.

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While watching a flyover by the Royal Air Force in 2018, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is joined by Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate the Duchess of Cambridge

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Is that the royal phone ringing?

Oh, bother.

It’s time, once again, to call up the next chapter of England’s royal ringaround.

Addicts to England’s royal antics are now poised for the next regal shoe to drop since Prince Harry and his beautiful biracial American wife, Meghan (nee Markle), went public via a jaw-dropping televised Oprah interview on why they exited the royal enclosure.


A gobsmacked Brit public is now gobbling up the royal juice; England’s newspapers are ordering more ink; and Meghan is being assailed in polls for worrying England’s Queen Elizabeth, who has a sick husband who needs her attention.

Even Janina Gavankar, a former Joliet native, actress and close personal Meghan friend —who attended the royal wedding in a bright orange ensemble — surfaced on the Brit TV show “This Morning” to support Meghan’s claims of struggle and isolation noting “many emails and texts,” which could suggest proof.

“I know that the family and the staff were well aware of the extent of it,” said Gavankar.

Gavankar’s late father, Peter, was the wealthy inventor of soft service cream machines who lived in Joliet.

Oh, brother?

Is Prince William actually going to call his younger brother, Harry, to clear up the recent royal racist rubble raked up by Meghan and Harry’s accusations in Oprah’s jarring juggernaut last Sunday?

“No, I haven’t spoken to him yet, but I will do,” said William days after Meghan cited isolation as a working royal; suicidal thoughts; and the “concern” by a member of the royal family to her husband about the skin color of their yet unborn son, Archie.

“We’re very much not a racist family,” said William, the second in line to the throne.

William’s silence following the latest royal brouhaha was broken after apparently nixing a weirdo plan by his father, Prince Charles — the heir to the throne — to handle Harry.

And Will’s response to the royal dustup was while visiting an East London school with his commoner wife Kate Middleton, who is adored by the Brit public for her quiet, sweet ways — despite recent rumors she made Meghan cry over a row over bridesmaid dresses before Meghan’s wedding.

Or was Kate the one who cried?

And vomitus nobilis!

The Brit tabloid press also said Kate made no public statement at the school visit alongside her hubby but appeared “relaxed” while wearing a “pink Max & Co coat,” which cost $537, and “a pink Boden jumper,” which cost $90.

Oh, those Brit tabloids do keep tabs!

So stay tuned on the next turn of the royal screw and whether the recent royal rupture is going to be settled privately or publicly.

Is their grandmother, the Queen, really planning to “phone” Harry and Meghan at their home in California, to sort out the truth in a “more personal” way behind the couple’s departure to America due to their accusations of misery, misdeeds and racism?

Is Meghan ever going to contact her estranged father, Thomas, who now claims he’ll continue to talk to the press until his daughter decides to call him?

Is a report in London’s Daily Mail accurate that claims “Good Morning Britain,” a top TV show whose moderator Piers Morgan sensationally quit after blasting Meghan, lost 80,000 viewers the day after his rant — and its rival “BBC Breakfast” gained 200,000 as a result?

Is Sharon “The Talk” Osbourne, wife of Ozzy the odd, still suffering from a case of nerves after publicly deflecting attacks on her close personal friend Morgan for attacking Meghan?


How seriously could it affect the future of the British monarchy?

Royal expert Phil Dampier was quoted praising William’s ‘intervention’ and stating: “The royals will survive and slowly fight back, but Harry and Meghan have played all their cards.”

Really? Don’t bet on it.

Harry and Meghan may never have lived the “normal” life they sought when they exited the royal enclosure. But their American “brand” must be loving every minute of it.

The blue line . . .

It’s worth repeating.

The uptick of Chicago Police Department suicides, again netting a new spotlight of concern, was addressed few years ago by Bradford Woods, the CPD’s former head of personnel under former Chicago Police Supt. Terry Hillard.

Citing the alarming police suicide rate then, Woods told Sneed: “The one glaring thing police officers have readily available when alone and thinking about suicide — perhaps accompanied by drinking too much — is a gun at their disposal … 365 days a year and 24 hours a day,” said Woods. “A lack of access to a gun may give time to reconsider.”

“It’s a tough time to be a cop,” added former Chicago Police Chaplain Tom Nangle.

“The bathwater suicide sits in is often depression and untreated addiction. Life is messy, and it is even messier when your job is to deal with human suffering and evil and the corruption and dysfunction of society,” Nangle said.

Sneedlings . . .

Saturday’s birthdays: Ozuna, 29; Common, 49; and Tristan Thompson, 30. . . . Sunday’s birthdays: Stephen Curry, 33; Simone Biles, 24; Michael Caine, 88; and a belated birthday to William Kelly, who claims he is running for mayor of Chicago.

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