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Despite FOP’s disapproval, Dan Herbert says he still is Jason Van Dyke’s lawyer

Attorney Dan Herbert (center) looks at his client, Jason Van Dyke, on Sept. 26 during his trial for the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. | John J. Kim/Pool/Chicago Tribune

The Van Dyke case . . .

Chicago attorney Dan Herbert, who represents convicted Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke in the Laquan McDonald murder case, is making a gut check.

Will he or won’t he be able to represent Van Dyke during his next courtroom appearance Dec. 14?

“I talked to Jason on the phone yesterday [Thursday],” said Herbert, who was reported to have been given a thumbs-down this week by the Fraternal Order of Police Executive Board for the way he handled the Van Dyke case.

“Jason knows what the union did and he called me pretty upset about it,” he said.

“I told Jason I would not abandon him . . . and not to worry,” said Herbert, who tells Sneed he had learned informally this week the board also recommended not referring his services to police officers in need of legal assistance.


However, a union source who asked to remain anonymous tells Sneed: “This should be considered a work in progress,” suggesting a retreat is in the works and that Herbert is not being fired.

Sneed has also learned via a second source that a “union” missive was sent to Herbert suggesting Van Dyke was adequately represented; that Herbert wasn’t being fired as an attorney from the union’s Legal Defense Fund, and that he can continue on as Van Dyke’s attorney.

“I know I have Jason’s support as well as his wife, Tiffany — and I want to stay on, but I’ve also been advised to be realistic when it comes to malpractice insurance to protect my business going forward,” Herbert added. “So I have someone looking into it to get a definitive answer.

“I want to be there for Jason, but I also have a wife, four kids and five employees to support,” he tells Sneed.

“And right now Jason is sad, alone and scared.

“Look, I have been proud to represent the FOP for over a decade, and the current FOP contains good people,” added Herbert. “However, there are a couple of bad apples . . . currently involving those who seem to be the decision makers. Sometimes passive people fall in line to the loudest voice.”

Van Dyke, who fatally shot 17-year-old McDonald 16 times on the night of Oct 20, 2014 — while McDonald was refusing police commands to drop a knife — was taken into custody immediately after the verdict.

No longer a police officer since his certification was revoked, Van Dyke is now being held in protective custody at a county jail in Rock Island.

“My appearance is still on file,” said Herbert. “So until that changes I am his lawyer.”

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Sneedlings . . .

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