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Hillary Clinton in Chicago today for big fundraiser

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton hits hometown Chicago again today for a fundraiser at the home of Rajiv Fernando, a Clinton Foundation supporter and a bundler for President Barack Obama.

Chicago has always been a big source of political cash for the 2016 presidential contender. She comes home the day after hosting her first Facebook chat where she discussed her upcoming proposal to raise the capital gains tax on short-term investments.

Clinton said in the chat, “Later this week, I will be outlining a number of proposals, including capital gains reform, to promote long term investment that will strengthen companies, workers, and communities. Both business leaders and labor leaders have been speaking out about this in recent years. The increase in short-termism has grown in urgency since 2008, and the urgency of our solutions has to match it.”

Donors at the fundraiser tonight may well be interested in capital gains taxes.

Fernando, the host,  is the founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, headquartered on LaSalle Street in the Loop.

Fernando is stepping up his political profile through his fundraising. He also donated $75,000 to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2015 re-election campaign and in 2015 also gave $30,000 to Emanuel’s related Chicago Committee.

As for tonight at Fernando’s North Side home,“We will have an opportunity to hear Secretary Clinton speak and get a photo with her as well,” said Illinois Clinton fundraiser Jeremy Hallahan in the invitation obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

 “The contribution and raising goals are similar to our past events. We are asking attendees to contribute $2,700, and co-hosts and hosts to raise $27,000 and $50,000 respectively.”

The $50,000 fundraisers – the bundlers – will get perks, such as private receptions, as part of the campaign’s “Hillstarter” program.

For the record: This will be Clinton’s third visit to Chicago since launching her presidential campaign. She was in Chicago on June 23 and had two days of fundraising events on May 19 and 20 plus a visit to an SEIU childcare center on the South Side.

Clinton’s Brooklyn-based campaign told me she is only doing the fundraiser and has no other activities planned. That often changes, however, at the last minute. Clinton also usually gets together with some of her high school friends when she is in town.

Fernando was invited by the Obama White House to be a guest at the March, 2012 State Dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Fernando was one of Obama’s top 2012 fundraisers, raising at least $500,000 for the re-election campaign.

A bundler is a person who dips into a large political, social, personal, family or business network to raise money for federal candidates, who are limited by law in the amount they can take from any one donor.