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House Democrats end gun control sit-in

Illinois Democrats participating in the House sit-in: (front row, left to right)
Jan Schakowsky, Tammy Duckworth, Robin Kelly, Luis Gutierrez; (back row, left to right) Cheri Bustos, Danny Davis, Mike Quigley. Photo courtesy Illinois House Democrats.

WASHINGTON – House Democrats on Thursday were ending  the sit-in started Wednesday to force GOP House leaders to call votes on gun legislation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan R-Wisc. said Thursday at a press conference he would not put any measures up to a vote and will consider any legislation in regular order – that is, through the committee process. He noted that the Senate, also controlled by Republicans, held four votes on gun control measures on Monday and they all failed to advance.

Ryan was also critical of House Democrats who made fundraising solicitations pegged to the sit-in.

The House Democrats sit-in slogan was “No Bill, No Break,” but ended the demonstration about 27 hours after it began. Early Thursday morning Ryan sent the House home for the July 4 holiday recess.

Rep. Robin Kelly D-Ill., one of the ringleaders who helped organize the sit-in, said “we are not shocked” that Ryan did not call for votes legislation to make it harder for suspected terrorists to buy guns and to broaden background checks.”

Kelly, asked why the sit-in was called off said, “we felt we made our point for this period. We weren’t going to get any further.”