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Sneed exclusive: Ald. Tunney lays down rules for bars, parking during NLCS

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The Cubs Zone . . .

Ald. Tom Tunney plans to keep Cubs fans out of foul territory.

• Translation: Tunney, whose 44th Ward includes the hottest property in Chicago — Wrigley Field — is securing a safe home plate when playoff pandemonium hits town next week.

“I want this wonderful time to be memorable,” said Ald. Tunney. “And I want it to be safe.”

Sneed is told one plan to keep things safe includes a ban on glass containers in Wrigleyville bars. “Occupancy will strictly be enforced,” he said. “And the bars have agreed to just do plastic. If there are violations, it could mean immediate closure and fines.

“There will also be massive parking restrictions due to major construction near Wrigley Field; rerouting the buses; and a phalanx of security and paramedic support.

“We are on a national and world stage right now and we want to have the resources ready for public safety in case of pandemonium,” he said.

“Look what happened in Boston when the Red Sox won the pennant!”


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Tunney, a major Cubs fan, claims “Wrigleyville has historically been a place for sports fans to celebrate no matter what sport is involved . . . except perhaps the White Sox in Cubs territory. When the Blackhawks win, Wrigleyville erupts. Oh, my goodness. The Cubs are winning at Wrigley Field! Imagine the excitement,” he added.

“Look, everyone is excited, but we are also on pins and needles,” added Tunney.

“One of the things that prompted the logistics and planning in hosting this major league effort is to make sure everything comes off with as little disruption as possible.”

It’s also been noted the big difference between now and the Cubs’ last three trips to the playoffs is all the construction at Wrigley due to its multimillion-dollar expansion program. It’s a live construction site.

Tunney was just honing his new aldermanic chops in 2003 when the Cubs were five outs from their first World Series appearance in decades and the legendary foul ball named “Bartman” ended the team’s chance to end their 107-year streak.

“It was a sad day in the neighborhood when that happened, and the fans’ exit was a stunned type of quiet,” said Tunney, a former Little Leaguer.

Wrigley Field had been a cacophony of noise until everything unraveled at the end and a sea of stunned, silent fans exited the park.

The big question now? What if the Cubs win this time and let loose?

“I’ve got a lot of work to do,” Tunney said.

“We’ve stripped a lot of parking in the neighborhoods. No parking on Racine from Belmont to Clark. No parking on Sheffield from Belmont to Grace. No parking on Addison from Halsted to Racine.

“Take cabs. Take Uber. Use public transit.

“Good luck.”

Praying for Lamar

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who just visited ex-NBA star Lamar Odom in a Las Vegas hospital where he is battling for his life, claims he stayed for about 10 to 15 minutes, but left when the doctors arrived.

“Medically he [Odom] is in a bad place, but he has so much faith and love surrounding him,” said Jackson, who claims Odom was surrounded by about five family members and close friends when he arrived.

“I wanted to reach out through the grace of God and for God to grant him mercy,” he said.

Odom, whose battle with drugs was chronicled nationally when he was married to reality star Khloe Kardashian — who has visited him at the hospital — was found unresponsive in a legal brothel in Nevada on Tuesday.

A history note: Jackson also visited and prayed with President Bill Clinton, when Clinton was embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

“You need faith when storms come suddenly, so I really talked to Hillary and Chelsea about matters of faith and unconditional love,” Jackson said then.



Dem da dem femme: Sneed hears rumbles Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown may have more trouble on her hands.

Disclosures that federal agents went to Brown’s home last week and seized her cellphone, indicating that an ongoing probe of Brown’s husband now includes Brown herself, is causing re-election campaign problems.

• Translation: Brown’s legal problems, which might include a fed probe of campaign contributions, could result in a rumored move Friday to drop Brown from the ticket. Stay tuned for the aftermath of a disgruntled Cook County Dem Committee meeting Friday. Will nominating petitions be reprinted?

Stay tuned.


Cubs Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg and wife Margaret were spotted dining with Dutchie Caray at Harry Caray’s Steakhouse on Tuesday night after the Cubs clinched a spot in NLCS. . . . Friday’s birthdays: Suzanne Somers, 69; Angela Lansbury, 90, and John Mayer, 38.

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