What have you learned about yourself during the coronavirus pandemic? We asked, you answered

Some are perfectly content working from home and spending time alone; others thought they’d enjoy it but grew to hate it. One person learned they really needed a dog.

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A person walks around Lincoln Park Friday afternoon, Oct. 9, 2020.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

We asked Chicagoans: What have you learned about yourself during the coronavirus pandemic? Some answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

“That I am quite content to spend days at a time with myself doing the things that I want to do instead of the things that I had to do. I have read a number of books, written a couple of short stories and did a great deal of volunteer work for causes that carry meaning for me.” — Jim Rafferty

“I was blessed with a couple of food boxes, and I learned that I can be an even better and more creative cook. I used several types of produce that I had never eaten before and that now I’m a huge fan of.” — Polonia Sarabia

“I needed a dog. My border collie mix puppy has given me so much joy and stability during this insane year.” — Kalli Ricka

“That I’m a pretty good landscaper and painter. Not so much a handyman, though.” — Bill Pionke

“I learned that I was depressed. I fell into a cycle. Over the years, I gained weight, became insecure, stopped hanging with family and friends because I was ashamed and embarrassed. Since the pandemic, I’ve learned to love myself again. I worked on my smile, and I’m losing weight and getting healthier.” — Stacy Kinmore

“That being in the house with my kids brought us even closer.” — Melissa Goodman-Houston

“I have a high tolerance for beer.” — Kyle Douglas

“I enjoy multitasking and balancing home and work more without the commute.” — Andrea Gorman

“How much I miss interacting with people I don’t live with, and how much I wish I didn’t have to interact with my family as much.” — Elizabeth Gatzke

“I love going on holidays and miss them so much.” — Gillian Cafferkey

“That fresh air and exercise beats Netflix and Prime.” — Keith Starnes

“I love working from home and I love solitude.” — Denise Donnelly

“I miss live music even more than I thought I would.” — Mike Funkman

“I love watching ‘Shahs of Sunset’ and ordering an OMG plate from Olive Mediterranean Grill. I do not tire of this combo.” — Pooja Khungar

“That as much as I thought I would love to work from home, I hate it.” — Toni Willey

“That I can always find new tasks and hobbies to keep myself busy and never get bored.” — Laura Keating

“I can fix a lot of things around the house by watching YouTube videos, except the dishwasher — it was bad and I made it worse. End result: My wife is getting a new dishwasher for Sweetest Day.” — Mike Ruffone

“That I will do what I need to do to protect others, even if they don’t care about me.” — Marylyn Folino

“I’m cranky when I don’t get hugs.” — Mary Torres

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