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Parolee stabs brother, apologizes, then goes upstairs and kills brother-in-law: prosecutors

Oscar Ocampo, 22, faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in the stabbing.

Oscar Ocampo
Oscar Ocampo
Illinois Department of Corrections

Upset his wife had been disrespected, a man recently released on parole stabbed his brother who tried to calm him down, prosecutors said.

Oscar Ocampo then apologized — then went upstairs in the Logan Square apartment building where he lives and allegedly killed his sister’s husband, authorities said at his bond hearing Tuesday.

Ocampo, 22, now faces charges of first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder in the stabbings. He was ordered held without bail, but did not attend the hearing at Leighton Criminal Courthouse because he was hospitalized after the incident, a Chicago police officer testified.

Ocampo and others were drinking at the home where he lives with his brother early Sunday in the 2100 block of North Maplewood Avenue when he became enraged, believing that his wife had been disrespected somehow, Cook County prosecutors said. Several people in the home left when Ocampo became irate, but his brother and another person tried to calm him down.

Ocampo allegedly became more upset by their attempts to calm him and got a knife from the kitchen.

When he returned, he began stabbing his brother in the chest, prosecutors said. Another person got between Ocampo and his brother during the attack and Ocampo stopped and began apologizing to his brother, prosecutors said.

Ocampo left the first-floor apartment and went to the second-floor unit where his sister and brother-in-law, Jose Lorenzano, lived with their children, and he pounded on the door.

Lorenzano, also 22, opened the door and stepped out onto the rear porch, closing the door behind him, prosecutors said. Ocampo’s sister and other witnesses told investigators they heard a commotion on the porch and then saw the two men fighting and bloodied.

As they tried to separate them, the witnesses heard Ocampo say that “he had to stab [Lorenzano], too,” prosecutors said. Ocampo then ran off.

Lozenzano and Ocampo’s brother, 30, were both taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment for multiple stab wounds, officials said. Lorenzano was pronounced dead. Ocampo’s brother underwent surgery to repair damage from one of the stab wounds in which the blade had “nicked” his heart, among other injuries, prosecutors said.

Hours later, Ocampo was taken into custody by officers when he emerged from a nearby gangway covered in blood. An officer’s body-worn camera recorded Ocampo allegedly admitting to both stabbings and saying “I don’t give a f - - -,” prosecutors said.

Ocampo was released on parole Aug. 16, according to state prison records, after being convicted on 2015 charges of unlawful vehicular invasion, armed robbery and aggravated battery.

An assistant public defender assigned to Ocampo declined to provide testimony on his behalf Friday because Ocampo was hospitalized and they had not had a chance to speak.

Citing Ocampo’s criminal history and the fact he was on parole at the time of the stabbing, Judge Charles Beach II said believed Ocampo was a flight risk and couldn’t be counted on to follow the terms of bail if he couldn’t follow the terms of his parole.

Beach ordered Ocampo held without bail and set his next hearing for Monday.