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As holiday weekend violence unfolds, Lightfoot unloads on Ted Cruz and ‘coward’ Republicans

Mayor Lori Lightfoot took to Twitter to smack down Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s comments on the violence: “Keep our name out of your mouth.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Rich Hein/Sun-Times

At least 43 people were shot, eight fatally, in Chicago over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

It was a slight jump in violence compared to last year, when 27 people were shot, eight of them fatally.

This year’s totals were more similar to 2017, when 42 people were shot, seven fatally.

The most recent spat of violence came despite an additional 1,000 Chicago police officers being deployed each night over the extended weekend.

The fatal shootings occurred in the Austin and Humboldt Park neighborhoods on the West Side, and in the Englewood, Woodlawn, Archer Heights and South Chicago neighborhoods on the South Side.

The slain, all males, ranged in age from 15 to 42.

The holiday weekend was another test of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s new administration.

She’s already weathered two other bloody holiday weekends in the first few months on the job. Over the long Fourth of July holiday weekend, 68 people were shot, five of them fatally, and on Memorial Day weekend, 41 people were shot, seven fatally.

On Monday night, Lightfoot refused to quietly allow the violence to be used as a Republican talking point.

She took aim at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Twitter after Cruz, referencing the violent weekend, wrote: “Gun control doesn’t work. Look at Chicago. Disarming law-abiding citizens isn’t the answer. Stopping violent criminals — prosecuting & getting them off the street — BEFORE —they commit more violent crimes is the most effective way to reduce murder rates. Let’s protect our citizens.”

Lightfoot responded: “60 % of illegal firearms recovered in Chicago come from outside IL — mostly from states dominated by coward Republicans like you who refuse to enact commonsense gun legislation. Keep our name out of your mouth.”