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Man charged with attempted murder in 2018 Lawndale shooting

Brian Holland was with Sherman Little and Kameryn Ivory when someone fired 22 shots into a crowded intersection, striking someone in the face, prosecutors said.

Nathaniel Boyce, 18, was charged with murder in the fatal shooting Tramen Starnes.
A man was charged with attempted murder April 23, 2020, for a 2018 shooting in Lawndale.
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A man is facing charges, including attempted murder, in connection with a 2018 shooting in Lawndale on the West Side.

Brian Holland, 27, was charged with one count of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm and one count of aggravated battery, according to Chicago police and a bond proffer prepared by Cook County prosecutors.

Two others, Sherman Little, 19, and 20-year-old Kameryn Ivory were also previously charged with attempted murder, among other charges, in connection with the shooting which occurred May 19, 2018, authorities said.

Little and Ivory were riding in a tan-colored SUV driven by Holland about 10:50 p.m. in the 1600 block of South Karlov Avenue, prosecutors said. The trio stopped at a crowded intersection where two police officers were conducting a traffic stop.

Ivory and Little allegedly fired 22 shots in the intersection, striking someone in the cheek, prosecutors said. The officers chased Holland as he sped off.

Holland ran a red light and was hit by another vehicle. The SUV flipped over and the trio were arrested after being pulled from the car, prosecutors said.

Two guns — a 9mm and a .40-caliber — were recovered from the floor board of the driver’s seat, prosecutors said. Gunshot residue tests for Little and Ivory came back positive, while Holland’s test indicated he may have fired a gun or was nearby a weapon that discharged.

The person who was shot suffered knocked out teeth, split gums, a severed tongue and had to be intubated, prosecutors said. The bullet remains lodged in the back of their neck.

Little and Ivory are being held on no bail, while Holland’s court date was scheduled for April 30.