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Gunman in East Garfield Park homicide abandoned car nearby with murder weapon, wallet and ID inside: prosecutors

Tevin Johnson allegedly drove up to Brandon Frazier’s vehicle and let off eight gunshots from his driver’s side window.

A man faces a murder charge in a March 24, 2019, shooting in the 3600 block of West Garfield Square Drive.
A man faces a murder charge in a March 24, 2019, shooting in the 3600 block of West Garfield Square Drive.
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A man who allegedly shot and killed someone last year in East Garfield Park allegedly abandoned his getaway car four blocks from the scene with his wallet and murder weapon inside, prosecutors said.

Tevin Johnson, 23, faces a first-degree murder charge in the March 24, 2019, slaying of Brandon Frazier, 27, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Johnson allegedly drove up to Frazier’s vehicle in the 3600 block of West Garfield Square Drive and let off eight gunshots, prosecutors said. Both men were the sole occupants of their cars.

The gunfire struck Frazier four times in his temple and his chest, killing him at the scene, prosecutors said.

Home surveillance video shows Johnson’s gray Infiniti pull up to Frazier’s vehicle, and then drive off, prosecutors said. Chicago police POD surveillance cameras tracked the Infiniti to the 3600 block of West Iowa Street, where it was parked two minutes later.

Police searched the car two days later and found a wallet with Johnson’s state ID and driver’s license, prosecutors said. Police also found a .40-cal Glock under the driver’s floor mat. Ballistics tests show the eight shell casings from the shooting match the weapon, according to prosecutors.

Additional tests show that most of the DNA found on the gun belongs to Johnson, although the gun had two other people’s DNA, too, prosecutors said.

Between the fatal shooting and Johnson’s arrest this month, Johnson was charged with unauthorized use of a weapon and aggravated fleeing, prosecutors said.

His private attorney, David Gaeger, said Johnson was arrested several months ago in connection to the murder, but was released earlier without charges. Gaeger also pointed out that all of the evidence in the case is circumstantial, and does not directly link Johnson to the shooting.

Johnson, of the Austin neighborhood, worked as a ramp attendant at O’Hare Airport, and is a graduate of John Marshall High School, Gaeger said.

Judge David Navarro took note that the prosecution’s evidence is circumstantial, but said the evidence should not be dismissed because of that.

Navarro ordered Johnson held without bail, and set his next court date for May 27.

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