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Man, 85, charged with murdering 86-year-old brother on Far South Side

Carlie Davis was held on $750,000 bail for allegedly shooting his older brother to death over the weekend.

At least six people were killed and 23 others wounded in citywide shootings since Friday evening.
Carlie Davis allegedly told police he shot his brother during an argument, Cook County prosecutors said. The two men would often spend time together at Carlie Davis’ house on weekends.
Sun-Times file photo

An 85-year-old man was ordered held on $750,000 bail Tuesday for allegedly shooting his older brother to death during an argument at the younger man’s West Pullman home over the weekend.

Before Herbert Davis was killed, one of his daughters had dropped him off at his brother’s home in the 11900 block of South Lafayette Avenue for a typical visit, Cook County prosecutors said.

Davis, 86, was usually picked up by that daughter after his visits on Saturdays, so he could go to church on Sundays. But Davis called his daughter to tell her that he’d be spending the night again at Carlie Davis’ house, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said.

When Herbert Davis’ daughter tried to call him on his cellphone on Sunday, he didn’t answer.

Carlie Davis arrest photo
Carlie Davis
Chicago police

She went on to call her uncle, who proceeded to tell her “something went wrong” and that “he shot him,” Murphy said.

Concerned, the woman called her sister, who went over to the home and found their father shot five times, prosecutors said. Herbert Davis was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders. The senior citizen was one of 12 people killed in gun violence across the city over the weekend.

After his arrest, Carlie Davis allegedly told police in a video recorded statement that he believed his brother’s daughter was taking his money. He also admitted to shooting his brother during a subsequent argument, prosecutors said.

“[Carlie] said they went to war and he killed [Herbert],” Murphy said. “He said [Herbert] threw the first punch, but [Carlie] ducked and then shot him.”

Both men were military veterans, prosecutors said, adding that it was Carlie Davis’ first arrest.

Carlie Davis, who was charged with first-degree murder, did not appear for his bond hearing Tuesday because he was receiving a mental health evaluation at Roseland Community Hospital, a Chicago police officer testified.

Several guns, including a .25 caliber handgun, a .357 caliber revolver and a rifle, were found at Carlie Davis’ home, prosecutors said. The revolver contained several spent cartridge casings and a live round.

Judge Susana Ortiz noted Carlie Davis’ lack of criminal background, but said she was concerned he could be a danger to himself and the community. If he is able to post bond, Ortiz recommended he be placed on electronic monitoring. Carlie Davis was also ordered to turn over any additional weapons in his possession to police if he is released from jail while awaiting trial.

Carlie Davis is expected back in court on Oct. 2.