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Aurora cop fatally shoots dog that charged at officers: police

The dog ran out of the home and “aggressively charged” at officers when they came to the door to deliver paperwork, police said. One officer shot and killed the dog.

Two people were killed in a vehicle crash Jan. 23, 2021, after the vehicle they were in fled from police in suburban Aurora.
An Aurora police officer fatally shot a dog that charged at officers during a domestic violence investigation Sept. 20, 2020.
Aurora Police Department Facebook photo

Aurora police shot and killed a dog that charged at an officer investigating a domestic violence case Sunday in the west suburb.

Three officers were dispatched for reports of a fight about 4 p.m. in the 1600 block of Linden Park Lane, according to a statement from Aurora police.

The officers could hear a dog barking inside a home when they arrived to speak with the victim, police said. They asked the man to secure the dog and he came outside to give the officers details about the case.

When the officers went back to the front door about 20 minutes later to give the man his paperwork, the pit bull came running from inside and “aggressively charged” at them, police said. One officer fired shots at the dog, killing it.

The man later told investigators “the dog is known to be aggressive and almost bit him today as well,” police said.

The suspect in the initial domestic violence incident had left before police arrived, police said.

A use of force investigation will be conducted to determine whether the officer who fired the shots complied with department policy, police said.