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Latin Kings member gets 27 years for murder, racketeering

Alonza Horta pleaded guilty to the 2017 killing of Alfonso Calderon on the Southeast Side.

Alonza Horta.
Alonza Horta.
U.S. attorney’s office

A purported member of the Latin Kings gang has been sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for racketeering and murder.

Alonza Horta was sentenced Sept. 4 after pleading guilty earlier this year to charges that he fatally shot a rival gang member on the Southeast Side, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Horta was with two other members of the Latin Kings when he confronted Alfonso Calderon in 2017 and shot him, prosecutors said. Calderon, 24, was killed in a vacant lot in the 10700 block of South Green Bay, Chicago police have said.

Horta, 23, of Hammond, Indiana, was indicted in 2018 along with more than 30 other alleged members of the Latin Kings.

When federal authorities brought their first case against the Latin Kings two years earlier, they said the gang operated with corporate precision. Members met, paid dues and honored a group “manifesto” or “constitution.”

But the feds also said new members endured vicious beatings. If one stepped out of line, he could be subject to a so-called “SOS” — or “shoot on sight” — order.