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Woman sentenced to probation for lying to 911 operator about baby being inside carjacked vehicle

Sade Owens, 31, during a hearing Thursday pleaded guilty to a single count of making a false report to a 911 operator, court records show.

Cook County Criminal Courts, 2601 S. California Blvd.
The Leighton Criminal Courthouse
Sun-Times file

A Cook County judge sentenced a woman to probation and community service last week for falsely reporting that her baby was inside her vehicle when she said it was stolen last year in Marquette Park.

Sade Owens, 31, during a hearing on Thursday, pleaded guilty to a single count of making a false report to a 911 operators, court records show.

Judge James Linn sentenced Owens to 120 hours of community service and two years of “second chance” probation, which will allow Owens to have the charge against her dismissed if she successfully completes the terms of the judge’s probation.

On Oct. 26 last year, Owens called 911 and reported that her then 7-month-old son was inside her car when someone took it while she went inside a convenience store in the 2700 block of West 71st Street, Chicago police said at the time.

Owens’ car was found a few hours later in the 1400 block of S. Keeler Avenue, but her baby was not inside, according to police, who later determined the toddler was in the care of a babysitter and hadn’t been in the car, as Owen’s had claimed.

An assistant public defender who had represented Owens was not immediately available to comment Tuesday.