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6 suspects questioned in Lake Shore Drive tragedy

Pam Johnson was fatally struck by a pickup on Lake Shore Drive early Sunday.

Pam Johnson was fatally struck by a pickup on Lake Shore Drive early Sunday. | Provided photo

Chicago Police detectives are questioning two adults and four teens in the death of a 32-year-old South Side woman, who was fatally struck by a pickup after she and her boyfriend were chased onto Lake Shore Drive, police said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the department released CTA surveillance photos of the men who allegedly threatened to hold up Pamela Johnson and Eugene Jackson, 43, on the lakefront early Sunday. The photos were taken in the Red Line stop at Chicago Avenue after the incident, police said.

At least one of the men was carrying a gun when they chased the couple onto Lake Shore Drive about 1:40 a.m. Sunday, according to Jackson.

A pickup struck and killed Johnson — a mother of a 12-year-old boy — in the southbound lane. A Chicago Police officer flashed his emergency lights at the pursuing men, who crossed Lake Shore Drive and fled west, police said.

Jackson wasn’t seriously injured.

“We have a pretty good idea of who the offenders are,” said Anthony Guglielmi, chief spokesman for the Chicago Police Department. “We received community tips.”

Pamela Johnson's boyfriend is comforted Monday by community activist Andrew Holmes. The 43-year-old man asked that his name not be used and his face obscured.

Pamela Johnson’s boyfriend, Eugene Jackson, is comforted Monday by community activist Andrew Holmes. | Frank Main/Sun-Times

Police said they had obtained video supporting Jackson’s account. The video shows the couple was approached by a group of seven or eight men before the fatal accident, Guglielmi said.

Andrew Holmes, a homicide crisis responder for the group Chicago Survivors, was related to Johnson. She worked in a downtown call center and sent money to her sister who attends Alabama State University, Holmes said. She often took to social media to speak out against gun violence and gang activity, he said.

Holmes, whose own daughter was killed in a shooting last year in Indiana, said the mothers, aunts and fathers of some of the suspects in Johnson’s death contacted him.

“I asked them to cooperate and bring them in so they can give their side of the story,” Holmes said. “They decided not to prolong this. I applaud them. Tell the truth and move on.”

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