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Cicero police fired shot during DUI traffic stop

Sun-Times file photo

A Cicero police officer fired one shot after he was struck by a vehicle that sped away during a suspected DUI traffic stop.

Cicero police officers stopped a vehicle they suspected of a DUI early Friday afternoon in the 2110 block of Cicero Avenue, according to a statement from Cicero police spokesman Ray Hanania. The driver, a man in his 30s, appeared to be intoxicated and refused to get out of his car or provide identification.

The man then reached for something and did not want to show officers his hands, Hanania said. The officer drew his weapon and ordered the man to step out of his car. As the officer approached the car, the driver accelerated and struck the officer as he fired one shot.

Injuries to the officer were very minor, Hanania said. Police are searching for the driver.