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Motorcyclist reaches 143 mph speeding away from St. Charles police

Brian Bianco | St. Charles police

A 23-year-old man faces multiple charges after he allegedly sped away from a west suburban St. Charles police officer — reaching 143 mph as he blew through red lights on a busy street.

Brian A. Bianco of St. Charles is charged with aggravated fleeing a police officer exceeding 21 mph; aggravated fleeing and eluding of police officer and disobeying two or more traffic control devices; aggravated fleeing with a concealed or altered registration; and disobeying a police order, according to St. Charles police.

An officer pulled behind Bianco June 26 while he was stopped at a red light at Randall Road and Prairie Street and noted several violations, police said. Bianco turned around, saw the officer approaching on foot and sped away north on Randall Road.

Bianco drove through two red lights and reached 143 mph as he sped away from the officer, who did not pursue him, police said.

Police received an email Monday with links to a Facebook and Instagram accounts, and YouTube video titled “BIKERS VS COPS — Motorcycle Police Chase Compilation #15—FNF,” police said. The video has since been removed from YouTube.

The officer was able to identify Bianco, who filmed the getaway with a helmet camera, police said. An arrest warrant was issued and he was taken into custody Thursday.

Bianco’s bail was set at $40,000, and he has posted bond, police said. He was expected back in court July 20 at the Kane County Judicial Center.

St. Charles police are also sharing the video with other authorities to pursue additional charges.