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Man busted after suing cops for shooting him charged with murder

Dominiq Greer. | Chicago Police Department arrest photo

Murder charges have been filed against a South Side man who was arrested right after holding a news conference Wednesday to announce he’s suing the city for $15 million and accusing a Chicago cop of wrongfully shooting him.

Dominiq Greer, 26, of Posen, is charged with first-degree murder, the police said Saturday. A judge ordered him held without bail, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

Greer, a convicted felon, is accused in the May 27 death of 22-year-old Kevin Larry, who was shot in the chest at an apartment in the 5600 block of South Wabash Avenue. Authorities say Greer was in a dice game and got into a fight over money before the shooting.

On Wednesday, Greer said he was carrying an illegally obtained gun to protect himself since the fatal shooting in June 2014 of his friend Brian Weekly on June 7, 2014, when, a month later, the police spotted him walking in the 7400 block of South Princeton Avenue and chased him, and an officer shot him seven times.

He said he’d thrown the gun away before the police caught up to him and showed reporters surveillance video to support his claim that he was shot as he tried to run away and again as he lay on the ground.

“They should have did their job and try to catch me instead of shooting me. If I ain’t never bring no harm to you, why would you bring harm to me,” Greer said after filing suit against the city of Chicago and two police officers.

Greer was shot three times: in the right arm, right leg and left big toe. He said the same officer, Lawrence Cosban — who’s named in his lawsuit — shot Greer another four times from close range as Greer lay on the ground further down the alley — at which point he can only be seen in shadow on the black-and-white video.

Greer spent eight days at Stroger Hospital after being shot and then was jailed for seven months because he couldn’t afford bail. He was charged with attempted murder of a police officer then, but that charge was dropped. He still faces a charge of unlawful use of a weapon, though.

The city’s Independent Police Review Authority found the shooting justified. It said that although he tossed his gun, it hit the ground and went off and that the officer shot him after hearing the gunfire and then shot again when Greer didn’t raise his hands as ordered.

Greer’s lengthy rap sheet includes a 2011 felony conviction for selling marijuana and a 2013 misdemeanor conviction for domestic battery.