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Mustachioed woman charged with Austin bank robbery

A woman who wore a fake mustache to disguise herself has been charged with robbing an Austin neighborhood bank last September on the West Side.

Kimberly Lasarge faces one federal count of bank robbery for the Sept. 23 robbery at the U.S. Bank Branch at 6700 W. North Ave., according to a complaint filed Jan. 12 in U.S. District court.

At about 1:50 p.m., Lasarge came into the bank wearing a Blackhawks baseball cap and a fake mustache and handed the teller a note that said, “This is a robbery. Put all the money in the bag. No sudden moves. No alarms,” according to the complaint.

The teller took $984 out of the draw and put it in a bright red bag Lasarge was carrying, according to the complaint. Lasarge then left the bank, leaving the demand note behind.

Two witnesses identified the mustachioed Lasarge in surveillance footage from the bank robbery and matched it to her state ID photo, according to the complaint. One of the witnesses then agreed to record a conversation with Lasarge, where she admitted she got “almost a thousand” from a bank robbery.

Prosecutors say that Lasarge told their witness that authorities had her picture “when I did the robbery over here on my own,” referring to the Sept. 23 robbery.

Lasarge, of the 5500 block of West North Avenue, is being held at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center, and is next scheduled to appear in court Feb. 18.

Although she has only been charged with one robbery, the complaint alleges that Lasarge was part of a crew responsible for robberies throughout Cook County last year.