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SNEED: Victim slain at NU prof’s River North apt. stabbed 47 times

Murder suspects Wyndham Lathem, left, and Andrew Warren. | File photo

The stabbing death of Trenton H. James Cornell-Duranleau, who was found murdered in the apartment of a noted Northwestern University microbiologist on July 27, was about as grisly as it gets.

According to information obtained by Sneed from an autopsy report from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, Cornell-Duranleau, 26, was stabbed a total of 47 times to the torso, essentially in the chest and back; specifically 21 times in the front and 26 times in the back.

In addition, Cornell-Duranleau tested positive for alcohol, amphetamine, and methamphetamines.

The motive for the victim’s murder, which resulted in the arrest of Northwestern University microbiologist Wyndham Lathem and British citizen Andrew Warren, is still under investigation.

Police sources have told Sneed they believe it was at  least a crime of passion due to the severity of the stabbing. Two knives, including a broken one, was found at the murder scene.

According to the medical examiner’s report:

  • There were significant incise (cutting) wounds on the neck (A police source told Sneed last week that the neck was so cut up it appeared to be almost decapitated).
  • There was an incise wound on the chin.
  • There were multiple incise wounds on both arms and shoulders, wrists and left hand.

Contrary to what an earlier police source told Sneed, there was nothing about genital mutilation.

The victim was a hairstylist from Michigan who had been in a relationship with Lathem, who was arrested along with Warren in California. Both men are expected to be extradited by this weekend.

Lathem’s attorney told the Sun-Times Thursday he would seek to have Lathem go free on bond at a hearing which could take place at Leighton Criminal Courthouse  as soon as Monday. Warren will be represented by the Cook County Public Defender’s Office.