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CarGo comeback: Cubs’ Carlos Gonzalez set to make his return to Coors Field

This You Gotta See: Cubs take on Cardinals before heading to Denver; Wolves keep brawling vs. Checkers; White Sox take on big, bad Yankees.

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago Cubs
Gonzalez fits in nicely with his new team.
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images


Cardinals at Cubs (6:05 p.m., ESPN): We’re lined up for Adam Wainwright vs. Kyle Hendricks, and each hurler’s last game against the opposition was off-the-charts good. Wainwright flummoxed the Cubs last week in St. Louis with eight innings of shutout ball. Hendricks threw perhaps the game of his life in early May against the Cards, needing only 81 pitches in a complete-game shutout. Rinse, repeat? In this season of the home run, an old-fashioned pitchers’ dual would be all kinds of fun.

MON 10

Cubs at Rockies (7:40 p.m., NBCSCH): Carlos Gonzales makes his return to Coors Field, where he starred for the Rockies from 2009-18. The outfielder ranks second in Rockies history in both games played and at-bats and is near the top in essentially every other offensive category. How did the Cubs get him for basically nothing again?

Warriors at Raptors, Game 5 (8 p.m., Ch. 7): Remember back in the day when the very thought of an NBA Finals between these teams would’ve invited guffaws of impossibility at Toronto’s expense? Instead, it’s on like Donkey Kong. We’re not sure even Raptors superfan Drake believes this is actually happening.

WED 12

Blues at Bruins, Game 7 (7 p.m., Ch. 5): Yeah, yeah, we forgot those two most annoying words at playoff time — “if necessary.” We choose to believe this deciding tilt shall be every bit of necessary, and so absurdly exciting that hockey fans can rest assured they’ll be titillated to no end. Until it, you know, ends.

THU 13

U.S. Open, first round (11:30 a.m., FS1): In 1991, a certain idiotic college sportswriter spent most of the NCAA golf championships inside the Pebble Beach clubhouse watching the Bulls take on the Lakers. What an amateur move! But let’s talk U.S. Open. Last American to win this major at Pebble Beach? Tiger Woods in 2000. How fun would an epic battle between Woods and two-time-defending U.S. Open champ Brooks Koepka be? Hey, it might even rival the ’91 Finals.

Wolves at Checkers, Game 6 (6 p.m., The U): The dust will have settled after the Wolves’ Curtis McKenzie was suspended for brawling in Game 2. Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt our capacity to care about the Calder Cup one bit if these teams continued to knock the heck out of each other throughout the series.

FRI 14

Yankees at White Sox (7:10 p.m., NBCSCH): If the starting pitchers line up as scheduled, it’ll be CC Sabathia vs. Lucas Giolito. In other words, an enormous old guy who’s just hanging on to relevance against a slightly less enormous young guy who’s becoming more relevant by the outing. Advantage: Good Guys! OK, maybe.