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Cubs infielder Daniel Descalso has scoop on new mates, professes love for grandma’s meatballs in this week’s Chat Room

After getting to know the Cubs over the last four months, Daniel Descalso spilled the beans on some of his teammates.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs
Daniel Descalso joined the Sun-Times in this week’s chat room.
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

After signing a two-year deal with a club option last offseason, infielder Daniel Descalso was the new Cub on the block in spring training. One of his only friends on the team when he arrived was pitcher Tyler Chatwood, who was Descalso’s teammate on the Rockies for two seasons.

Descalso never really had those first-day jitters when he joined the Cubs. He immediately meshed with his new teammates and said the family-like atmosphere of the clubhouse made him feel welcome.

After getting to know the Cubs over the last four months, Descalso spilled the tea on some of his teammates, such as naming the best-dressed Cubs player and who needs fashion advice.

Descalso shared a little secret about himself, too. He loves to cook, and his grandmother’s Italian meatballs are supposedly to die for, though he wouldn’t dare share the secret ingredient.

Descalso dished on all that and more in this week’s chat room.

How has your time with the Cubs been?

Daniel Descalso: “The home opener was great — first time playing in Wrigley as a home player. But everybody from the top to the bottom of the organization is first class. They do everything the right way. They take care of us players and our families.”

Who are some of your buddies on the team other than ­Chatwood?

DD: “[Anthony] Rizzo, hung out with him a little bit. Albert [Almora, Kyle] Schwarber, all the guys have been great. It’s an easy group to fit in with. It’s really laid back, but when it’s time to play, we strap it on.”

Who is the best dressed on the Cubs?

DD: “Flashiest style has to go to Pedro Strop. He dresses pretty loud. A lot of the stuff, I couldn’t come close to pulling off, so definitely Stropy.”

OK, what about the worst dressed?

DD: “[David] Bote could use a few style tips, but he’s still young. He’ll figure it out eventually.”

What’s something people don’t know about you?

DD: “One of my hobbies is cooking. I don’t do a lot of it during the season, but during the offseason, I like to get in the kitchen and whip up some meals.”

What’s your favorite meal to make?

DD: “My grandmother is a really good Italian cook, and I like her meatballs. They’re pretty famous in our family. I’ve been trying to perfect those.”

How’s that going?

DD: “I’m getting closer. She’s giving me the nod of approval, which is pretty good.”

When you’re not playing baseball, what are you doing?

DD: “I’ve gotten really into golf over the last few years. I didn’t ­really play a lot in my younger years, but I’ve kind of picked it up. It’s fun on off-days to get out with some of the guys, hit the course. And definitely during the offseason, it occupies a lot of my time. I’m working to break 80, which I’ve only done one time.”

Which golf course in Chicago reigns supreme?

DD: “I haven’t golfed in Chicago. Home days are hard with the family and stuff. But off days on the road, we’ve already played a couple of cool spots. We stayed in Houston last week and played at Tiger’s place, Bluejack National, and that was pretty cool.”

Who did you go golfing with?

DD: “Myself, Rizzo, Chatwood, [Jon] Lester and [Cole] Hamels.”

Who’s the best out of the group?

DD: “Jon played really well that day. Chatty is pretty good. We played together a lot when we were in Colorado and then in the offseason a little bit. I’ve got my work cut out for me.”