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Good Shepherd Catholic School in Little Village to reopen for preschool and kindergarten

The Archdiocese of Chicago said it plans to reopen the Little Village school for full preschool to eighth-grade education in the future.

The offices of the Archdiocese of Chicago on Aug. 20, 2020.
Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

Good Shepherd Catholic School in Little Village will reopen for preschool and kindergarten programs for the 2021-2022 school year to “meet the growing demand for early childhood education,” in the neighborhood, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced.

The school, located at 2725 S. Kolin Ave., will house an extension of Epiphany Catholic School’s (4223 W 25th St.) preschool and kindergarten programs. Good Shepherd has been closed since 2005 and has been vacant for two years, the archdiocese said.

In March it was announced the two parishes would merge as part of the “Renew My Church” campaign, the Sun-Times reported.

The archdiocese says it intends to expand Good Shepherd back to full preschool to eighth-grade operation in the future.

“Throughout the years, it has become abundantly clear through community discussions, enrollment trends, census data, parish data and the great faith of our community that there is an urgent need for an expansion of Catholic education on the West Side of Chicago’s vibrant Little Village neighborhood,” Scott Ernst, principal of Epiphany, said in the announcement.

Enrollment for preschoolers and kindergartners at the school has already begun, families interested in sending their kids to Good Shepherd can contact Epiphany at 773-762-1542. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at the Good Shepherd building Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.