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Mya-Lecia Naylor, starred in ‘Cloud Atlas,’ dies at 16

Mya-Lecia Naylor | Instagram

British actress Mya-Lecia Naylor has died.

CBBC announced the passing of the 16-year-old on its official Instagram account Wednesday. Naylor acted on the network’s “Millie Inbetween” and “Almost Never.”

“We will miss her enormously and we are sure that you will want to join us in sending all our love to her family and friends,” the caption read. “If you would like to post a tribute to Mya-Lecia you can leave a message on the CBBC website.”

The official Instagram account for “Almost Never” also mourned the actress.

“Our thoughts are with Mya-Lecia’s family, friends and everyone that loved her at this very sad time,” the show’s post read. “RIP Mya-Lecia”

A tweet from an account for A&J Management, which BBC identifies as her agents, said she died on April 7.

In addition to her small screen credits, Naylor acted in films including 2012’s “Cloud Atlas” starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

The teen kicked off her television career with a role on “Absolutely Fabulous,” starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, in 2004 according to IMDb.