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‘Jeopardy!’ champ James Holzhauer—a Naperville native—breaks $1M winnings mark

James Holzhauer competing on “Jeopardy!”
James Holzhauer, pictured here on the set of "Jeopardy!" on April 17, broke the $1 million winnings mark on Tuesday and ran his grand total to $1,225,987 on Thursday. | Jeopardy Productions, Inc. via AP

He’s officially a millionaire — and it only took him 14 episodes of “Jeopardy!” to do it.

Naperville native James Holzhauer on Tuesday became the second person in the history of “Jeopardy!” to win more than $1 million in regular-season play on the hit TV game show. His winnings to date: $1,061,554, to be exact.

The top regular-season (non-tournament) money-winner remains Ken Jennings, who won 74 games in 2004, with wins totaling $2,520,700.

Holzhauer’s most recent win also means he now ranks fourth all-time on the “Jeopardy!”consecutive wins list, following Jennings (74 wins), Julia Collins (20 wins), and David Madden (19 wins).

“Despite what ‘The Social Network’ says, $1 million felt really cool,” Holzhauer said in a statement released by “Jeopardy!”/Sony.

Going into the final round, Holzhauer had amassed $68,816. With a correct question answer for the category topic “American History,” and a wager of $50,000, his Tuesday winnings totaled $118,816.

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On the April 17 episode of the show, Holzhauer, a professional Las Vegas-based gambler by trade, broke his own record for most single-game winnings, when he totaled $131,127 in cash. His previous record-breaking total was $110,914 set on April 9.

“Jeopardy” airs daily in Chicago at 3:30 p.m. on ABC7.