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The Adler Planetarium is 90 years old!

Tickets cost just 25 cents when it opened on May 12, 1930.

The Adler Planetarium on Tuesday celebrates its 90th anniversary.
The Adler Planetarium on Tuesday celebrates its 90th anniversary.
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Tickets to get into the Adler Planetarium were 25 cents and, to many of the staff there, the idea of space travel was preposterous.

Ninety years later, quite a bit has changed — including, for now, getting in a car or hopping on a bus to get to the Adler. But the folks at the planetarium plan to celebrate the May 12 anniversary just the same, even if it is only online.

The museum is planning a “Virtual Observing Event,” presenting “Astro Artists Club” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday on Science Friday’s YouTube channel.

“Adler experts will guide you through digital solar viewing and share how different types of scientists look at and study our sun,” the planetarium said. “You’ll see some amazing, solar-related pieces from the Adler’s historical collection and create an original artwork with us.

“Bring a sketchbook, notepad, block of clay or other materials to create artwork inspired by what you see through our digital telescope, then share your creation with us using the hashtag #LookUp! We will even have our resident mixologist on hand to share a recipe for our Drink of the Day (with both kid-friendly and adult ingredients).”

The Adler has also launched a new digital exhibition about the history of the museum, called “90 Years of Stellar Connections.”