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Parade returns to the Sun-Times, reunifying two iconic brands

The magazine and our newspaper share a founding father: department store heir Marshall Field III. It’s a great addition to our newsier Sunday paper.

Parade magazine will now be inserted in the Sunday Sun-Times.
Parade magazine will now be inserted in the Sunday Sun-Times.

Good morning, readers! Starting today, your Sunday Sun-Times has even more content to start your week off right.

Parade magazine — the nation’s premier Sunday magazine — is back within our pages, giving you a weekly dose of celebrity profiles, health and wellness tips, irresistible recipes and other features. It’s part of a thicker Sunday paper that, going forward, will also include more nation-world news amid the coronavirus pandemic and upcoming Nov. 3 election.

We’re also excited because this moment represents a reunification of sorts. Parade and the Sun-Times share a founding father: department store heir Marshall Field III.

Field founded Parade, originally known as The Weekly Picture Newspaper, in 1941. That’s the same year he launched the Chicago Sun newspaper to challenge the Chicago Tribune’s monopoly on the city’s morning news field. Parade was distributed in the Sun and in other newspapers nationwide, with 3.5 million copies weekly by 1946.

In 1947, Field Enterprises bought the Daily Times, a popular evening tabloid with hard-hitting reporting, engaging photographs and insightful features (sound familiar?). At that time, Field published the Sun in the morning and the Daily Times in the afternoon.

Less than a year later, in 1948, the two publications were combined to form the Chicago Sun-Times. Eventually, the Field family sold both the Sun-Times and Parade. But the titles have endured — one locally, the other nationally — and we’re thrilled to team up again decades later.

The Parade magazine in Sunday’s paper features an exclusive on actress, mom, entrepreneur and now talk-show host Drew Barrymore, as well as insider information on must-watch shows available on fall TV and streaming services. In addition, readers will be treated to a recipe from MasterChef Junior’s new judge Daphne Oz and Parade editors’ top book recommendations for the fall, among other features.

The additions of Parade and expanded news coverage follow our announcement last week that we’ve raised the single-copy price of the Sunday paper from $2 to $3. We’re giving you more for that extra dollar, which goes a long way toward supporting the quality journalism you’ve come to expect. Plus, our main competition, the Sunday Tribune, costs $5 at the newsstand.

Also, did we mention there’s a total of $308 in coupon savings in today’s paper?

Finally, we offer a variety of affordable subscription options to get our paper delivered to your door, including a Sunday-only option for as little as $1 a week. Go to to learn more, and, of course, thank you for your readership.

Nykia Wright, CEO

Chris Fusco, Executive Editor