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Aretha treated rudely by fast-food worker


The craziest thing happened to Aretha Franklin last week. The Queen of Soul got into a dust-up with a Johnny Rockets employee, after the music legend “dared” to eat her take-out food order inside the restaurant, located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

After a show, Franklin ordered a hamburger from the eatery, but when she started to eat it inside the Johnny Rockets outlet, she claimed a staffer started screaming at her, and said she had to take it outside.

In a statement, Frankly called the staffer as “very rude, unprofessional and nasty.”

Not surprisingly, the horrifed owner of that particular Johnny Rockets franchise has apologized and blamed it on the misdeeds of a “new and very young employee,” whom I’d guess can now be called a “former employee.”