They’re known for wearing caps or helmets to celebrate the championship runs of the city’s sports teams, so it was probably only a matter of time before one of the Art Institute of Chicago’s lions threw its hat into the political arena.

The North Lion tossed its mane into the wide open mayoral race on Thursday — if you can believe Twitter.

Also joining the 12 declared candidates — and dozens other mulling a run — according to Twitter are a North Side building and the popular Twitter account “Chicago Party Aunt.”

The North Lion is “always ‘on the prowl’ for opportunities to serve the city of Chicago, as he has done for 124 years,” said Kati Murphy, the institute’s executive director of public affairs.

“The Art Institute proudly supports the lions in their ongoing commitment to civic excellence and community engagement,” Murphy said.

The Art Institute is currently unaware of any plans the South Lion may have to run for the office, but Murphy did say “while they stand on opposing platforms, they support each others efforts.”

The North Lion is not the only inanimate object making a run.

WBEZ political reporter Dave McKinney tweeted out a photo of a North Side building sporting a “building for mayor” sign, dubbing it “a building near Cortland and Clybourn with a sense of humor and, apparently, an eye for the Fifth Floor at City Hall now that Rahm isn’t seeking re-election.”

Popular tweeter Chicago Party Aunt, @ChiPartyAunt, made her decision “after speaking with my family, my priest and Diana Ditka.” Vote CPA early and often, she tweeted to her 24,700 followers Sept. 4.

Her slogan?

“Strange We Can Believe In.”

Since the announcement, people have tweeted at the account with questions about her platform or demands.

“Hey @ChiPartyAunt, if you win, can we get the Magikist lips added to the Official Chicago Seal?” one follower asked.

“Done,” she replied.