It’s the song that makes the kiddies smile, dance up and down and squeal with delight — and many an adult cringe. Because once “Baby Shark” starts playing in your head, there’s a good chance it stays there. For a while. A long while.

And now the massively popular children’s song has gone mainstream, debuting in the No. 32 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it an official Top 40 hit.

Yes, it’s legit.

The viral tune, originally released in 2015 and remixed in 2016 into the earworm we’re now all familiar with, was streamed nearly 21 million times last week and viewed more than 2 billion times on YouTube since its re-release. The song is the brainchild of the South Korean children’s educational brand Pinkfong.


‘Baby Shark’ song, video phenomenon bites into pop culture in a big way

Adding to the craze? A social media challenge invited folks to deliver their best “Baby Shark” adaptations. Celebs James Corden, Josh Groban and Sophie Turner delivered their highly dramatic version of the tune last year, propelling the song to even greater heights. Cardi B tweeted out her love of the song.

As of Jan. 11, the song was sitting on the chart, sandwiched between Luke Comb’s “She Got the Best of Me” and “Close to Me” by Ellie Goulding, X Diplo and Swae Lee.

Go ahead, give it a listen. I apologize if you’re still humming it hours from now.